A Photo Exhibition to Reminisce about Mitrovica in the Past

A Photo Exhibition to Reminisce about Mitrovica in the Past

„The exhibition gave the opportunity for previous generations to remember Mitrovica as it once was, and for younger generations to see the stories of Mitrovica in the past and get inspired with the positive aspect of peaceful cohabitation in Mitrovica and its region”, this was the main message sent out during a photo exhibition organized yesterday in the vicinity of the main bridge on Ibar.

Photo exhibition „Photographs of Mitrovica in the past” was organized by Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) and implementing partners Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR) and New Social Initiative (NSI). The exhibition was organized as part of the Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation activity (RCT) supported by the American People through USAID.

“This project aims to contribute towards creating space for addressing needs of the different ethnic groups on the individual, community, media, and institutional level, and bring forward a positive example of cohabitation and shared valued among communities”, said the Executive Director of CBM, Aferdita Sylaj Shehu in her welcoming speech.

The event was attended by the members of different communities from South and North Mitrovica. Photos of Mitrovica in the past were displayed on several panels on the south side of the bridge, providing citizens and passersby with the opportunity to enjoy the photographs and reminisce in enjoyable recollection of the past.

“Pictures show different aspects of life in Mitrovica in the past: workers, sportspeople, youth, women. We wanted to remind everyone of how the city looked in the past”, said Stevan Vukadinović, Project Manager at CBM wishing the attendants an enjoyable time.

The exhibition was made possible with the help of the member of RCT’s informal group of citizens, Fehmi Ferati, a civil society activist and entrepreneur.

“Everyone in South and North Mitrovica needs to be reminded that the history of this city is not only its past 20 years but the 100 years before that too. It had a rich heritage, a heritage everyone should be proud of,” said Ferati who provided the photos and whose passion for this idea helped the RCT team immensely.

The exhibition is one of the many upcoming activities within RCT activity. One of the others under preparation is Coffee Fest, planned for the first week in September.


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