Cohesion Circle Initiative – Social Gathering

Cohesion Circle Initiative – Social Gathering

The Cohesion Circle members in Prishtina/Pristina put their creative minds to work and executed the first initiative resulting from our successful CC workshop last month.  The initiative was a triumph, bringing together a whopping 46 participants from a variety of diverse ethnic backgrounds. With a fantastic turnout of 27 participants from the Albanian community, 8 from Serbian community, 7 from Roma community, and international participants, it was an incredible showcase of community spirit and unity. The event was organized to ensure smooth running, with attendees free to join in open discussions divided into three corners.

For the first corner, “Share Your Story,” we invited a couple from different communities sharing their heartwarming love story.

Their story while unusual provided a fresh and interesting perspective of the issue of romance across conflicted communities, the perception of their families and communities, but most importantly how they overcame those and became a role model for even more people in the future.


The second corner, “Poetry & Books,” provided a platform for participants to share their favorite books and poems. Two individuals even read their favorite selections to the group, which was a beautiful bonding moment for everyone.

The third and final corner, “Food”, was where we discovered just how much our communities have in common. We all have similar taste, and it was evident as many participants shared their favorite foods. We even tried something new and exciting by ordering vegan finger food from Dit e Nat, which tasted really nice!

We invited the Jimmy Band to perform live music, and it was nothing short of amazing. Everyone was on their feet dancing and teaching each other traditional dance moves, creating unforgettable memories.
The success of this initiative is a testament to the power of diversity and unity, and we look forward to creating more exciting events that bring us all together.

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