Community Fair by Sub-Grantees: NGOs Së Bashku (Together) and Podrzi Me (support me)

Community Fair by Sub-Grantees: NGOs Së Bashku (Together) and Podrzi Me (support me)

#RCT Activity supported the initiative of a collaborative project by the NGOs Se Bashku (Together) and Podrži me (Support me) which aimed to engage young people and women with disabilities in teaching them skills to make hand-crafted and sewing products to increase their resilience and ensuring the right of societal participation, as a basic right of people with disabilities. Along three months period, subgrantees carried out several trainings and workshops for young people and women with disabilities, and since beneficiaries came from various ethnic backgrounds, they showcased that cooperation across all Kosovo ethnic lines are possible and are happening no matter the challenges and obstacles.

The highlight of this initiative was a fair organized by the beneficiaries, to show to the public their creative handcrafted pieces and sewn products. As soon as the fair opened, shoppers were greeted by a vibrant and diverse array of handmade goods, from jewelry and clothing to paintings. The quality and creativity of the items on offer were a testament to the talent and hard work of the disabled women entrepreneurs behind them.

One of the most striking aspects of the fair was the sense of community that permeated the atmosphere. Some of the vendors knew each other from previous events or from support groups, and their camaraderie and mutual support were evident to all. Visitors were also drawn into this sense of connection, chatting with vendors and swapping stories about their own experiences. In South and North Mitrovica this is a rare sight, and these women and youth are taking a step towards the right direction of reconciliation.

As the fair drew to a close, the organizers and vendors were already talking about plans for future fairs like this. Importantly, they had created a space where disabled women and youth could come together, showcase their skills, and feel proud of their contributions to their community. It was a resounding success, and a testament to the power of solidarity and support that the spirit of conflict transformation and reconciliation.

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