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Exchange of Members of Cohesion Circles – Visit in Pristina

Communication and interactivity are two concepts that usually revolve around the world of youth. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all youngsters from Kosovo. Youth from different ethnic backgrounds do not get the chance to interact and talk to one another, and this can have a negative impact on broadening their horizons and perspective of living full and productive lives in the future.

The RCT activity is working towards resolving this issue to provide youngster from varying backgrounds the space and time to meet with one another in stimulating environments, while enabling them to talk and interact with one another informally as well.

This time the team organized a visit to Pristina, gathering a group of youngsters from the Cohesion Circles from the Mitrovica, Gracanica/Graçanicë and Pristina/Prishtina regions, with the aim of creating an environment for all to meet up, exchange knowledge and create positive experiences. During the visit, the youngster had the opportunity to visit NGO Artpolis, NGO Shtatëmbëdhjetë, and the exhibition PËRPARA, which provided discussion and insights into different cultural and social perspectives. The youngster were able to interact with the staff of these NGO inquiring more information about their work and background, but also learn more about opportunities that they offer for involvement of youth into their activities.

Apart from the visits to NGO, the participants were also engaged with a walk through the city, which enabled the students the possibility to interact with one another in a non-formal setting, while spotting interesting local landmarks and discussing common issues, challenges and interests.

The participants stated that they were very pleased with experience gained during the day, and that it has helped them to see that there are so many more aspects that can connect youngster from communities that usually do not interact with one another. They also stated that they are very much looking forward to other study visits that might be organized in the future, so that they may learn even more, but also to be provided with the chance to meet more youngsters from various backgrounds

One of the participants, Dusan Tanaskovic said: “The information and sights that we saw today were very interesting, and we had a lot of fun interacting with our peers. We hope that we will be able to continue engaging with one another in the near future in these types of activities, as we are able to make friends, while learning more about the different things.”

The activities were followed up with a lunch for all participants and the team, where they will be able to continue their discussion and debates on a variety of topics. RCT through its component strives to create more environment like this, where youngsters can interact, communicate, and create positive experiences, and be every day a step closer to the important processes such as reconciliation and building trust among communities in Kosovo.

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