Announcement: Social Space Innovation Grant winners

Announcement: Social Space Innovation Grant winners

CBM is exciting to start next round of support through #RCT Social Space Innovation grant scheme. We are ready to embark on another exciting period of supporting small-scale initiatives. In this round, four initiatives were selected to be supported. Namely, NGOs:

  • Inspiracija,
  • Young Active Gracanica,
  • Collective Action for Culture Peja, and
  • BIRN in cooperation with radio Gorazdevac.

Birn – Radio Gorazdevac

The project aims to bridge dialogue and collaboration among citizens of Gorazdevac, with a focus on youth, to raise awareness of the lack of citizens’ neglected needs in various issues. BIRN Kosovo leads the initiative in cooperation with radio Gorazdevac. By engaging the multiethnic community and relevant decision-makers through a TV debate to address and advocate for the needs improvements, and produce three video stories addressing education, employment, and the importance of social spaces that positively contribute towards reconciliation. TV debate will be broadcast as part of the TV show “KALLXO Pernime” on RTV Dukagjini, and then shared on KALLXO media outlet, whose outreach is one of the strongest ones in Kosovo, securing not only promotion of the initiative but RCT Actiivty’s efforts also.


This project aims to empower women from minority communities (Roma, Ashkalli, Egyptian) in the Mitrovica region through skills development, particularly in weaving and handicrafts, in the Inspiracija center, located in Mitrovica North. The goal is to enhance socio-economic emancipation, boost self-confidence, and encourage greater participation in society of marginalized women groups. The project intends to support at least 15 women, providing them with the skills needed for economic empowerment and inspiring them to start their businesses. The approach involves conducting informative sessions and practical workshops, totaling 18, where women will acquire knowledge and improve their capacities. The workshops will be organized in groups over the three months at the NGO Inspiracija premises, fostering inclusivity and cooperation among different communities.

Mlada Aktivna Gracanica

The project aims to first update a Community Hub on the second floor of the Business Center in Gracanica, and later to organize cross-cultural youth gatherings to provide human rights education and interactive peacebuilding workshops. Through these activities, the project seeks to contribute to enhanced interethnic understanding, increased awareness of human rights, and improved conflict resolution skills within the community. The revitalized Community Hub further aims to become a pivotal center for diverse community activities, fostering inclusivity and collaboration, and aligning with

the broader goal of promoting proactive cooperation, peaceful co-existence, and respect for diverse groups in Kosovo.

Collective Action for Culture Peja

The proposed project aims to engage community members, particularly young people, across all ethnic lines, in the revitalization of neglected public spaces through artistic interventions, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility. The project focuses on consolidating cultural representation by all communities enriching the city with art and innovative ideas for neglected spaces. By organizing events that contribute to the revitalization of these spaces, the project aims to build a new collective memory. Additionally, the initiative seeks to educate young people in creating, interpreting, and transforming public spaces through art, ultimately transforming the city into a rich artistic and cultural environment. The objectives include mobilizing the community for public space policies, promoting artists, creating collective memory, and fostering ethnic unity for a common goal. The expected results include the revitalization of public spaces through artistic installations, the training of young people for community initiatives, and the development of possible partnerships across ethnic lines. The project also aims to visually enhance urban environments, improve cooperation between the communities, and draw attention to community issues through artistic interventions in neglected spaces

Transforming the lives in our community