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Who We Are

Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation of different communities in Kosovo

RCT is a five-year activity that will address present reconciliation needs between different ethnic groups in Kosovo on individual, community, and institutional levels.

We will strive to do this through building personal and collective awareness on the need to transform understanding of others, prioritizing shared values and approaches and transforming co-existence into (shared) future social cohesion.

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Activist of the Month

Stefan, Milan, and Gentian painted a mural on the main bridge in Mitrovica to mark Human Rights Day

There are numerous activities and initiatives different local and international organizations, and individuals have to bring the Kosovo society closer to reconciliation. But peacebuilding requires ongoing efforts, and one more activity in that respect is never too much. This Friday of 10th December, the RCT team marked Human Rights Day by painting a mural on […]

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