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Empowering change through stories: RCT’s Living Library

As a continuation of efforts to gather individuals who narrate their journey in the aspect of peace-building, for those who wish to listen and disseminate these stories, RCT has conceptualized the idea of the LIVING LIBRARY. The guests or ‘living books’ share with the audience details from their lives, aiming to inspire the audience and distribute stories different from what we are accustomed to seeing in the media.

The Living Library event is not just a gathering; it is an experience where attendees have the opportunity to directly engage with guests from all communities, to learn from their experiences, and gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of peacebuilding.
This time, the LIVING LIBRARY will be held at the YOUTH INITIATIVE HUB on Tuesday, February 8, starting at 2 PM. Our guests and “living books” this time are Dimitrije Obrenović and Rubija Redzepi, human rights activists who, for many years, in various ways, have contributed to the building of peace.
Please click here to see the event details and join us on Thursday for an amazing experience of sharing knowledge and stories

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