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Bardhyl Dobroshi – Storytelling in a form of podcast

Bardhyl Dobroshi, was born and raised in Mitrovica with a profound love for art in general and is a great example of the fact that such passion can be used to make significant changes. His initiation into graffiti began in his teenage years, and since then he has not been separated from this passion. When asked “WHY?” the answer came naturally: because the city of Mitrovica needed colors, it lacked the uniqueness that only art could create.

Listen more about his inspiring journey:

This was the last podcast of 2023, as part of the Storytelling component.
This event was a part of the Reconciliation & Conflict Transformation Activity, implemented by Community Building Mitrovica and partners from New Social Initiative and Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo, and supported by the American people through USAID Kosovo.

Transforming the lives in our community