Grant Scheme – Call for proposals

Grant Scheme – Call for proposals

The RCT Activity is opening a small-grant call for individuals and grassroots organizations to address the needs related to trust-building among ethnic groups in Kosovo. The deadline for applications is May 18th, 2022. Click the document below for further information.

In the links below please find the following documents:

  1. RCT Grant Scheme – Application Form: Click Here
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: Click Here
  3. Budget Form: Click Here



This small-scale grant scheme aims to offer community support for problem-solving ideas on the topic of reconciliation, conflict transformation, and peacebuilding. The small-scale grant scheme will be implemented in the Mitrovicë/Mitrovica region for individuals and grassroots organizations addressing the needs related to the trust-building among different ethnic groups in Kosovo.

Two types of applicants will be eligible to apply for this call:
● The lead applicant, i.e. the entity submitting the application form
● and co-applicant(s).

2.1 Eligible applicants:

● Legally registered in Kosovo for a minimum period of 12 months prior to the deadline for submission of proposal.
● Based in northern Kosovo – Mitrovica/Mitrovice (north and south) Zvečan/Zveqan, Leposavić/Leposaviq, Zubin Potok, Vučitrn/Vushtrri, Srbica/Skenderaj.
● Directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project with the coapplicant(s), not acting as an intermediary.

● Be part of the Cohesion Circle from Mitrovica region (an informal group of citizens and civil activists- part of the RCT Activity).
● Must apply in cooperation with grassroot/NGO and promotes inter-ethnic social cohesion, by integrating cross-community contact and confidence-building into aims and activities.

Note that applicants:
● May not submit more than one application under this call
● May not be awarded more than one grant under this call
● May not be a co-applicant in another application under this call.

Project proposals that include the following will NOT be accepted:
● Proposals that DO NOT in any way contribute to the achievement of the objective of this call
● Actions related to political parties and/or political campaigns
● Actions that are mainly related to individual sponsorships for participation in workshops,
seminars, conferences, and congresses.


Please follow all instructions below carefully. Proposals that do not meet the requirements of this announcement or fail to comply with the stated requirements will be ineligible:
● Proposals should be submitted with forms available and provided with this call; narrative and
● All applications must be written in English
● All pages should be consecutively numbered
● Any annexes should be clearly marked and referenced in the body of the application
● All budgets are in U.S. dollars.
● Valid organizational registration, as a legal entity in Kosovo, with the Department of Registration and Liaison of NGOs within the Kosovo Ministry of Public Administration
● Unique entity identifier from Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS number) is not required
● An MoU between applicants and co-applicants clearly stating the leader applicant and the coapplicant (s).
● Tax administration certificate on entity obligations
● 2021 official tax declaration or audit report, if available.

4. Application Forms
Narrative form should not exceed 6 pages; The proposal should contain sufficient information for an
independent reader to understand exactly what the applicant wants to achieve.

4.1. Budget Proposal

Budget Justification: Applicants must present budgets that are directly and exclusively related to the successful implementation of the proposed activities. Therefore, all prices/costs should be realistic and should be in line with market prices for proposed actions and staff payments. It is imperative that the budget be distributed logically and is approved by the two or more parties applying to this call. Below, you can find the list of expenses that are included/ accepted and those that are not included/accepted. Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) has the right to request modifications/budget changes if the need arises.

4.2 Covered costs
All costs must be clearly stated in the initial form of the budget and must occur during the
implementation phase of the project activities:

● Expenses for staff members; including payments for experts, and individuals directly
involved in the implementation of the activity
● Compensation for travel and food for those involved in the project, and for the purpose
of implementing activities as provided in the application
● Expenses for the purchase of supplies related to the proposed activities
● Prices of bank fees related to the activities listed in the application
● Expenses that come directly from the requirements of the Contract (dissemination of
information, specific evaluation for the Activity, accounting, auditing, translation)
● Office operating expenses such as rent, utilities, telecommunication, maintenance,
stationery, hygienic products, office equipment repair, and cleaning.

Costs that will not be covered:
● Debt and debt services (interest)
● Expenses that occur before the implementation phase of this grant, and/or after the end
of its duration
● Provisions for future losses or potential liabilities
● Expenses declared by the beneficiary (s) and financed by other grants
● Purchases of land or objects

Applicants must be prepared to publicize the fact that they are financed within the framework of the Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation Activity. Applicants must be prepared to acknowledge specific donors’ visibility guidelines and regulations.

All applications will be analyzed with the criteria below:

A Grants Review Committee will evaluate all eligible applications. This Committee will consist of three (3) individuals and will evaluate and select all eligible applications. The committee will be composed of individuals who are not in any way connected with the overall implementation of the Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation Activity.

CBM will organize a workshop for all interested individuals/ non-governmental organizations from the Mitrovica region that want to apply for the small-scale grants under this call for proposals. The workshop will serve as a guide to potential applicants, i.e. it will provide them with all necessary details and requirements needed to be eligible to apply for this call for proposals. For more information about the workshop please visit the CBM’s Facebook Page or contact us through email at

April 14th, 2022 – The workshop

April 26th, 2022 – The call is opened
May 10th, 2022– Submission of final proposals and closure of the call
May 15th – Awarding winning applicants (TBC)

Tentatively the project implementation should start on May 2022 and not last longer than October 2022.

All applications should be submitted their proposals at: with the subject: RCT Small Grants Scheme no later than April 28th, CoB. Late applications will not be accepted.

Questions: All questions can be directed to Mr. Kenan Beqiri, by email at no later than May 3rd 2022.

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