Let’s save the Planet!

Let’s save the Planet!

Earth Day is approaching, it is celebrated on April 22, and we invite you to join us to mark this day under the slogan “Save the planet”.

The action starts on April 19 and will last throughout the week. It is organized by NGO CBM, with partners from Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo and New Social Initiative, as part of Reconciliation and Transformation of Conflict activity supported by the American people through USAID in Kosovo.

As part of the action, between April 19th and 22nd, 12 trees will be donated to 7 municipalities in the region of Mitrovica – a modest contribution a symbolic reflection of the importance of environmental issues. The trees will be planted by an informal group of citizens from 7 municipalities of the region of Mitrovica. The locations where the trees will be planted were determined in cooperation with the local authorities and the planting schedule is as follows:

April 19 – planting in Leposavić and Zvečan
April 20 – planting in Zubin Potok,
April 21 – planting in Vushtrri and Skenderaj
April 22 – planting in southern and northern Mitrovica

On Thursday, April 22, a panel discussion is also planned along with the ceremony to mark Earth Day. Everyone present will have the opportunity to hear the most important concerns regarding environmental issues from:

  • Mr. Hysen Durmishi – Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning
  • Mrs. Zorica Timotijević – expert in ecology, environmental protection and spatial planning, Leposavić municipality
  • Mr. Omar Siddique – Head of Office and Chief Technical Advisor, UN-Habitat Kosovo
  • Mrs. Mrika Nikqi – Environmental activist & the youngest female in the world to climb all the Seven Summits
  • Mrs. Jelena Đokić – Senior Lecturer for the courses in Environmental Management at IBCM College
  • Mrs. Albana Berisha – Environmental activist

The week of activism was planned in consultations with Cohesion circles at a workshop organized last month. Read about that in Cohesion Circle Workshop: Laying out plans for “Save the Planet” action (hyperlink).

To join us, please fill in the application form on this link: https://cutt.ly/avhMOel


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