Living Library event [...]

Living Library event in Pristina

Yesterday’s activity “Living Library” took place at hotel “Sirius” in Prishtina, and it was all about gaining new perspectives and insights, thanks to our wonderful guest speakers Lidija and Petar.

The event provided the chance to get inspired and educated by the knowledge and experience in activism of our guest speakers yesterday. This event brought together various communities, and they were able to engage with the guest speakers all together. The attendees had the opportunity to hear personal and professional stories from our guest speakers, their challenges and successes through the years and gain new perspectives and get inspired for the future.

Petar: “It can be challenging to engage young people and help them develop active listening skills. It was really hard sometimes to make them just sit and listen. However, it is important to remember that everyone can improve their listening skills with practice and patience. Encouraging open-ended questions, repetition and summarization, and creating a supportive environment can all help to foster better listening habits.”

Lidija: “In the past, prior to my involvement as an activist, I held a different worldview. Over time, my perspectives have evolved and I now view the world through a lens of heightened awareness and objectivity. The experiences and events that once surrounded me are now perceived in a new light, shaped by a more expansive and inclusive mindset.”


The idea behind this activity is to always let you explore the world by stories shared, and to provide more insight on how such examples can be transferred and nourished in Kosovo to create future generations of change-makers.

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