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Poetry + Concert Event – CC Initiative – April 2023

The evening of April 27th, 2023 marked an exciting event in Pristina’s cultural scene as the Poetry & Concert Event organized as part of the Pristina Cohesion Circle Initiatives by the RCT Activity exceeded all expectations with a large crowd of over one hundred people. A diverse crowd of poetry lovers, music enthusiasts, and curious onlookers gathered to enjoy art and creativity in a mesmerizing evening that brought together local talent from many different backgrounds. Many participants were present from a variety of backgrounds from the Kosovo Albanian, Kosovo Serbian, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, brought together by the whimsical and musical environment of the Defy Them Record Label.

The event started with a spellbinding poetry showcase featuring a lineup of three readers (Cohesion Circle members) from Kosovo reading a poem written by a one of the RCT Cohesion Circle members in three languages, Albanian, Serbian and Romani. The audience was captivated as each poet shared their heartfelt words, exploring themes of love, life, and human experience. The raw emotion and passion conveyed through their recitations resonated deeply, leaving attendees feeling inspired and moved.

Following the poetry session, a series of electrifying concert performances took the stage. The diverse lineup included the children from ‘Music for all’ Center from Plemetina village, A group of drum students, as well as the young band ‘Nuclear Doom.’ Each act delighted the audience with their unique sound and style, creating an unforgettable musical experience that had people dancing and singing along.

The overwhelming success of the Poetry & Concert Event in Pristina brought the communities together and fostered an appreciation for the arts. The positive feedback and engagement demonstrated a growing demand for similar events and spaces in the future, promising a bright and vibrant cultural scene in Pristina for members of all communities.

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