Storytelling with Vesna Generalović and Ismet Rukeci

Storytelling with Vesna Generalović and Ismet Rukeci

To act on an individual level and foster reconciliation, as well as to share a story of a positive example of multiethnic cooperation, the RCT team organized another storytelling event, on October 25th, in North Mitrovica.

The event was attended by more than twenty Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbs who were eager to hear a story of our two storytellers from Kosovo Albanian and Kosovo Serb communities who share selfless dedication and passion to help animals in need. Even though central and local authorities and both municipal administrations in the divided city of Mitrovica are not doing enough to help and resolve this decades-long matter, the two are of them are not giving up!

Hence, the story of Vesna Generalović and Ismet Rukeci is different than any other. After witnessing the relentless killing of stray animals by unknown perpetrators, they decided to act! Along with like-minded citizens from both parts of the city, Vesna and Ismet saved dozens of stray animals and sheltered them.

The issue of stray animals on the local level in Mitrovica is affecting both of the divided parts of the city, but Vesna and Ismet are an example of interethnic cooperation and putting aside societal pressure. “I can’t recall how and when we met, but I know that love for animals brought us together. I don’t care about someone’s ethnic or religious beliefs if they love animals.

Because only a good human can love them,” Vesna said. Ismet added “Vesna and I practically became a family. Not only the two of us, but all of us who are volunteering just so we could save another animal. We are united in diversity. We are united in doing what our institutions failed to do.”

Oftentimes, individuals who are passionate about positive changes are forced to contribute to the betterment of their everyday lives on their own. Therefore, the RCT Activity is contributing to providing space for discussion of mutual issues and initiatives of various kinds.

Hence gathering through various activities such as storytelling is needed to share positive examples of multicultural cooperation and promote positive examples within Kosovo societies. More importantly through storytelling, the RCT promotes reconciliation and gives an example that crosses cultural and multiethnic cooperation is possible, regardless of political pressures and not the willingness of local and central authorities to do much concerning peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

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