Terms of Reference (ToR) – Expert for recording, editing, and producing video material

Terms of Reference (ToR) – Expert for recording, editing, and producing video material

Overall Objective of the Activity

The purpose of the Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation (RCT) Activity in Kosovo is to address current reconciliation needs between different ethnic groups in Kosovo on the individual, community, and institutional levels. This will be achieved through building personal and collective awareness on the need to transform understanding of others, prioritizing shared values and approaches, as well as transforming co-existence into shared future social cohesion of all people in the country.

This activity aims to engage youth in expressing their vision of cohabitation and reconciliation with different communities. To achieve this, the RCT team will organize a storytelling event to gather youth around common interests, different activities proposed by Cohesion Circle Members and as well CBM will organize different activities to mark days that aim to raise awareness. The event topics will include sensitive approaches to subjects that are common interests of everyone, such as creative writing, design, art, music, etc.

Purpose of the Assignment 

The primary objective of the assignment is to cover different project events and to prepare the content from it in video, audio, and picture format. The prepared material will be published on CBM’S website, RCT website, social media channels, and local/national media.


Duties and responsibilities

  • Documenting public events on different topics in audio and video format;
  • Customizing the format of video stories for different media (website, donor visibility requirements, social media networks, etc.);
  • Developing articles from the discussions or activities to follow the video content;
  • Collaboration with other team members and stakeholders in preparing the media content;
  • Ensure subtitles in local languages (Serbian, Albanian, and English) for each video material produced;


Expected specific assignment

  • Facilitate discussions to be organized by the CBM at a pre-arranged time.
  • Document content from discussions (audio and video format)
  • Submit the finalized video content 2 – 5 days latest depending on the length of the video. I.e: if the video of 52 sec- 1min to be delivered latest 2 days upon filming, and for longer videos up to 5 days upon the activity
  • Customize video content for publishing on various media (website, social media networks, etc.);
  • Produce articles on the discussions or activity
  • It is expected from the expert to commit their engagement for a period not less than a year.


Responsibilities of the project team

The CBM project team will provide all the information related to the RCT Activity that is necessary for the expert in the development of the stories or activities. CBM will work closely with the expert in assisting with translation, or in the video development ideas.

Experience and knowledge

  • Three or more years of experience in the media on content creation and the like;
  • To be fluent in English and one of the local languages (Serbian or Albanian);
  • Willingness to implement ideas and projects in a short period.



  • Demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter.


Deadline and submission of expression of interest:

To apply for this call, CBM invites interested individuals or companies, to submit the following documents listed below by 14 November (Monday) 2022 to the following mail address: procurement@cbmitrovica.org

  • Financial proposal – breakdown and description of the specific services compared to the content (videos up to 1 min, videos above 1 minute, etc);
  • An example of similar pieces of work completed recently – a portfolio of the latest projects.


Evaluation and Selection Process 

The selected contractor will be responsible for designing and executing all the activities described in this TOR in collaboration with the project team. The selection process for the expert will be based on the set of criteria developed by the CBM Evaluation Committee to evaluate the proposals. The Committee will evaluate the proposals by using the combined scoring method. Technical proposals will be evaluated on 60% whereas financial proposals will be evaluated on 40%.

Download the document by clicking HERE.

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