TOR: Events stands, stage, and sound system for Mitrovica Coffee Fest

TOR: Events stands, stage, and sound system for Mitrovica Coffee Fest


Events stands, stage, and sound system for Mitrovica Coffee Fest  

Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation (RCT) 


About RCT Activity 

Addressing present reconciliation needs between different ethnic groups in Kosovo on the individual, community, and institutional levels. The ultimate goal of the Activity is to contribute to having a society where there is proactive cooperation, peaceful co-existence of various groups, and democratic values for all citizens. Additionally, an added value and effort through this Activity is to advocate for societal and institutional changes influencing public policies and ensuring good governance and respect for human rights. Mitrovica, its region and outside of it.  


About the Call 

All businesses, companies, and individuals who are licensed are invited to submit their offer and be part of the selection process. Compensation/product must be listed per unit and without VAT (according to the description of the requests in this call: “Request for the offer”). Companies may jointly apply as long as expressed intent for partnership is demonstrated in the application. 


Required Documentation 

Along with the quotation, the bidder must also submit original or notarized copies of the following documents: 

  • Certificate of registration of the subject in the Republic of Kosovo; 
  • If in addition to the price offered the supplier applies % discount, then it must be stated in the offer; 
  • The delivery time of products is seven (7) calendar days. 



  • Bids submitted without specified prices, without the required documents above and outside the deadline will not be considered. 
  • CBM will select the supplier that best suits its needs based on the criterion “best quality compared to price”. 



Wood House: 

  • Up to 10 small wood cabins/houses equipped with necessary items for electricity; 
  • Installation of the wood cabins fully equipped and ready to serve the businesses;  
  • The wood cabins need to be installed in close coordination and approval by RCT team;  
  • Upon closing the event the wood cabins need to be removed and the area/space needs to be cleaned. 


Sound System for outdoor setting 


  • 5 Microphones 
  • 2 outdoor speakers  
  • Necessary cables and wires 
  • Speaker stands 
  • Stage with cover 



This section specifies the start and end dates, including deadlines (such as interim process updates) and key milestones: 

  • Seven (7) days after signing the contract the company or individual business will have to provide CBM with the equipment. 
  • The deadline for submission of financial bids will be no later than September 20th, 2023, at 16:00. The offer must be submitted in one of the following two forms: 

Offers to be sent by e-mail in PDF format, signed by an authorized person to the e-mail address: The subject of the e-mail should be “Events stands, stage, and sound system for CBM’s event” 

 All businesses, companies or individuals licensed and interested, need to send the following documents: 


  • The offer with the prices (detailed) 
  • The timeline of the delivery  
  • The length of the warranty 
  • The best quality compared to prices 
  • Partnership agreement signed by two companies (if applicable) 


Transforming the lives in our community