USAID Kosovo’s Mission Director visits Community Building Mitrovica

USAID Kosovo’s Mission Director visits Community Building Mitrovica

CBM had the utmost pleasure to host USAID Kosovo’s Mission Director Ms. Zeinah Salahi at its premises.  Ms. Salahi was interested to meet Cohesion Circle members and know more about their joint work and initiatives derived from them in cooperation with the Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation (RCT) team and CBM. In 2020, one of the most challenging years globally, CBM started implementing Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation Activity (RCT), supported by the American people through USAID in Kosovo. The Activity initiated many fruitful actions, one of them being the establishment of the informal group of active individuals from Mitrovica region – the Cohesion Circle.

👍 Besides the RCT team and CBM and USAID representatives, the meeting hosted five CC members from the Mitrovica region. In an open discussion, Ms. Salahi was interested to know why is it beneficial for CC members to be part of the group and participate in joint initiatives, and what changes their joint initiatives are bringing to the citizens of the Mitrovica region? Ultimately, participants discussed how this innovative approach is contributing to peacebuilding, transforming conflict, and granting the catalytic effect in the communities.

After the meeting, Ms. Salahi visited the second Community Market on the Mitrovica main bridge, and firsthand witness the RCT initiatives in action, bringing people from different communities who are leading examples of cohabitation.

Our CC members provided great information, about the current challenges our communities face, but more importantly, how can we bring the activity to the next level, trying to find the best ways for the voices of communities to be heard at the upper levels.

🙌 We want to thank Ms. Salahi and the rest of the USAID representatives for dedicated time to visit Mitrovica and the RCT Activity in action. We are thankful for our CC member’s time and continuous support.

Transforming the lives in our community