Coffee Festival Coming Soon

Coffee Festival Coming Soon

What is common for all communities in the region of Mitrovica? Drinking coffee. Therefore, our next community event, following the marking of Earth Day, will be a coffee festival on the main bridge.

“This event will bring people together like it was once”, said Fehmi Ferati, Cohesion Circle member when Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation non-formal group gathered on Tuesday to plan another community activity.

As it is our practice, in the spirit of cooperation and reconciliation, most of the activity planning was entrusted to our community representatives who helped us plan what kind of a message we want to send with the festival, what kind of engaging activities to plan and how to ensure proper visibility of the festival.

“Our goal is to make a traditional yearly event and to show the bridge as a place where communities come together”, said Milivoje Raičević, CMB’s Communication Officer, at a workshop in Vila Vlahia.

NSI Project Manager, Marko Milenković added that the festival should strive to send a strong message of inter-ethnic cooperation and friendship and encouraged the participants to share their ideas on how best to achieve this goal.

We are excitedly starting the preparations, and happy to have support from Cohesion Circle community members who share the goal of bringing communities together.

Cohesion Circle is comprised of individuals from different backgrounds, the majority from Albanian and Serbian communities but also Bosniak and Ashkali, they are also entrepreneurs, religious leaders, youth, civil society activists, etc.

See you soon on the main bridge to drink coffee and tea, eat local treats, listen to music, and feed the duck. We will keep you entertained and respect the epidemiological measures.

Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation is implemented by CBM and partners Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo and New Social Initiative, with the support of the American People through the USAID in Kosovo.


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