Hajde Bre! Winter Camp

Hajde Bre! Winter Camp

Unfortunately, it has become common for youngster from various ethnic backgrounds to rarely meet and have contact with each other in Kosovo. #RCT Activity is work directly in influencing this negative phenomenon by bringing youngster together in exciting, and productive environments. By being able to spend time and interact with each other they will be able to create life-lasting memories and experience, and most importantly break the communication barrier.

#RCT Activity organized the 3-day Hajde Bre! Winter Camp in the beautiful Brezovica Mountain Range. During the camp, the students were trained by a professional team on Video Production and Editing skills in ethnically mixed groups. In these groups, they taught the basics and then the mode switch to learning by doing. Students selected a marketing theme to create short ads using basic technology and were taught how to write a short script, story board, recording technics, and how to edit and render the videos.

During this time, the youngsters were working together, but at same time broadening their horizons by learning skills and abilities that will enable to them to take on different responsibilities in the future, especially when it comes to potential employment. On the other hand, the teamwork and process allowed them to be in constant communication each other blossoming into many new friendships with people that that do not get to interact with during their routine. The youngsters stated that they are very happy to be able to meet new people that otherwise would have been difficult and that they are confident that they have built bonds that will continue to maintain even after the ending of the camp.

One youngster named Elmir stated: “I am very happy to have been part of this camp. We learn a skill that I think will be very valuable for my future education and work, and at the same time I have made friends with new people coming from backgrounds different then my own. I am truly hoping that I will be able to continue meeting people from other communities and make more friends as life goes on.”

Another youngster named Almeida also said: “I was a bit worried that I would have a hard time connecting with the other people, but while working and interacting with everyone, it came very naturally, and we spend the entire time laughing and having fun while also working during the trainings and activities. I am very much looking forward to becoming part of more initiatives like this is the future, so that I can make even more friends and meet new people.”

Many more students stated the benefit of the camp for their personal and professional development in the future. Gaining more hard and soft skills, such as, video production, editing, content writing, intercultural communication, negotiation, teamwork, and more to follow on.

#RCT Activity will continue to promote activities of these types to make sure that youngster from Kosovo can continue to meet their peer from different communities and establish life-long friendships. The students of this camp have continuously stated that they will make sure to spend time outside of their camps as well and to make sure that they can broaden these friendships with even more activities in the future.

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