RCT: Storytelling evening with media workers

RCT: Storytelling evening with media workers

How is your newsroom organized? Do you have difficulties getting official information? Are public officials respectful to journalists? These are some of the questions that could be heard during yesterdays’ storytelling event with young journalists, media workers, and students of journalism.

A group of ten people from North and South Mitrovica, and Pristina gathered in the early evening hours on NSI’s rooftop in North Mitrovica ready to exchange their stories and experiences with interethnic cooperation between media workers.

Some of the participants have had no experience with cooperation with journalists from different ethnic groups, but those who did say that this cooperation is mostly based on the exchange of contacts and introduction to sources. The one journalist who did have experience in joint reporting with another journalist from different ethnic groups underlined the importance of such cooperation as the exposure to different perspectives starts with the media landscape.

The storytelling evening was organized not just to bring together young professionals, but also to introduce the Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation program to the local media.

Stay tuned for a video reportage from the event by a local portal, Alternativna.

This was one of many activities of the five-year-long Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation program that Community Building Mitrovica is implementing in partnership with News Social Initiative and Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo. The program is supported by the American people through USAID in Kosovo.


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