Strengthening the chain of good: A Reconciliation story from Kamenica

Strengthening the chain of good: A Reconciliation story from Kamenica

We believe that there is nothing more important than strengthening the chain of good, as it is the only way to reach every corner of Kosovo. With this goal in mind, as part of the ‘Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation’ project, we initiated a call for small grants in the beginning of this year. These grants were intended for individuals and grassroots organizations to address the needs related to trust-building among ethnic groups in Kosovo.Today, as we witness the final results of this process, we can’t help but feel joy and pride in the journeys of individuals and organizations that have been beneficial and served as catalysts for positive change in the cities where they live and work.

NGO ‘ProActive,’ one of the beneficiaries of this scheme, aimed to carry out activities for the benefit of the community, encompassing all communities. They divided these activities into three parts.

First, they created the mural “Wish for Peace” in a key location in the city of Kamenica, with the goal of transforming a ‘forgotten’ space into a visually appealing sight. The entire process was accompanied by meetings and the shared smiles of young people from various communities residing in the city. Working toward a common goal is one of the best ways to foster positive relationships and create lasting memories.

Secondly, the young participants took part in a photography training session. This second activity, led by the renowned photographer Arian Mavriqi, brought together the group that had been involved in creating the mural along with other young people, increasing the total number of participants to over 100. The activity was held in the vicinity of the mural and was graced by the presence of Deputy Mayor from Communities, Mrs. Popovic, and the local cultural official, Mrs. Jovanovic.
At the conclusion of the training, the young participants had the chance to witness, through the photographs they had taken, the impact that can be achieved when enthusiastic individuals who love their country and their work unite, regardless of the community to which they belong.

The third activity involved the creation of a video that was broadcast on local TV in Kamenice. The purpose of this video was to highlight that residents belonging to the same national, ethnic, linguistic, or religious group enjoy specific rights as defined by the Constitution, in addition to the fundamental human rights and freedoms outlined in a general context. This video was aired multiple times and aimed to promote a spirit of cooperation and goodwill among different communities.

The remarkable journey of the young people of Kamenica has been a great source of inspiration for us over the past months, and we are delighted to share it with you. Today, when we visit this city, we are certain that, beyond the mural, we will encounter groups of young people from all communities who now share memories and smiles as a result of this special experience.

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